Vivian Ho
Artist / HKS Artist Associate 2022-2024

Vivian Ho is a Hong Kong-based artist who graduated from Wesleyan University majoring in Studio Arts and Economics, and is passionate about creating sensory images that redefine aesthetics and address cultural values. Her works are collected by the M+ Museum, Valmont Foundation, Nishiji Collection and Copelouzos Family Art Museum, and she has held multiple solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Paris, Rome and the US.

Ho previously created the key images for Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s online chamber concert series “Tiny Galaxy Concerts @ Wontonmeen” and film “All-Star Tiny Galaxy @ Wontonmeen” (the closing film of the 2021 “Life is Art” film festival co-curated by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and MOViE MOViE), retelling the stories of an old Hong Kong while interweaving the timeless beauty of classical music into its fabric.



Logo design of 2022/2023 Season “See the Music”

“Tiny Galaxy Concerts @ Wontonmeen”


Key image


Wall mural at Central Pedestrian Tunnel


“All-Star Tiny Galaxy @ Wontonmeen”





Wall mural at MOViE MOViE Cityplaza


Key image of “Auditions On Stage – Violin”

Special postcard designed for Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2022