Board & Management

Honorary Governors

Mrs Alice KING
Ms Serena YANG
Mr SHIH Wing-ching


Board of Governors

Mr Y K CHAN (Chairman)
Dr Patrick POON  (Treasurer)
Ms Carmen CHOI
Ms Lily CHOW

Mrs Shirley CHUNG
Mr Chester HOANG

Mr JAT Sew-tong
Dr SHIH Tai-cho Louis
Mr Stephen TAN
Prof C K Michael TSE
Mr Patrick YEUNG
Dr Andrew S YUEN


Honorary Company Secretary

Tricor Tengis Limited


Honorary Legal Consultant

Hogan Lovells


Honorary Orthopaedic Surgeon



Chief Executive Officer                Margaret YANG
General Manager                          LEE Ho-yee
Executive Assistant to CEO         Rose HO
Accounting Manager                    Judith LEE
Office Administrator                     Karen PANG
Office Assistant                              YANG Jui-yuan


Orchestra & Programme

Orchestra Manager                             Marylu CHAN
Programme Manager                          YAU Oi-suet Icy
Project Manager                                   Athena WONG
Orchestra Officer                                  Carvina LAI
Orchestra Administrator                     Michelle LUK
Special Projects Administrator          Sally YUEN
Stage Manager                                     Bobby YEUNG
Contemporary Music Research         Charles KWONG


Marketing & Development

Senior Marketing & Development Manager          Amanda MOK
Marketing & Development Manager                      Pauline HO
Marketing & Development Officer                          Pantane OR


Arts Administration Officers           Tonmy LAM
Arts Administration Officers              Vincent LO
Arts Administration Officers              Christine YUEN

“Maestra Yip and the HKS brought liveliness and precision in their performance.”