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Stravinsky’s “Firebird” like you’ve never heard before!

Deciphering “Reflections on Refractions”

Highlight from “Pica Pica Choose” (2021)

If I were not a musician…

We have all seen how cool and commanding our Concertmaster James Cuddeford is when leading the orchestra on the violin – but here he reveals another interest which brings out the more “nerdy” side of him…

Highlights from “The Passage Beyond in Concert” (2016)


Theme song: “A House of Treasures”


“Scent of A Woman”

If I were not a conductor…

Our Music Director Emeritus Yip Wing-sie can not only work magic with a baton, but also with this other piece of small apparatus…

Highlights from “McDull ‧ my very very very best” (2019)

Enjoy the heartwarming highlights from “McDull ‧ my very very very best”, the 2019 edition of our long-standing collaboration with Hong Kong’s best-loved piggy McDull (HKS Artist Associate 2019-2020) , setting live classical music to his endearing stories and encounters!

Music featured:

– Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op 61: Scherzo
– Brahms: Symphony No 2 in D, Op 73: III Allegretto grazioso
Music featured:
Beethoven: Symphony No 7 in A, Op 92: II Allegretto
Music featured:
– Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite: In the Hall of the Mountain King
– Elgar: Salut d’Amour

Tiny Galaxy Concerts @ Wontonmeen

Hong Kong Sinfonietta proudly presents “Tiny Galaxy Concerts @ Wontonmeen” – a brand new online chamber concert series curated in collaboration with Wontonmeen – a hostel located in the vibrant and historical neighbourhood of Sham Shui Po. We invite you to explore with your eyes, ears and heart the beauty of where hand-picked gems of chamber music collide with the sentiments and quintessence of an old Hong Kong. Leave behind all expectations, and enter this imaginative space with our musicians – welcome to our precious, mesmerising, wondrously tiny musical galaxy!

Back On Stage III: DESTINY (2021)

“Per aspera ad astra. Wherever destiny takes us, we always have the freedom to look up to the stars.”

Back On Stage III: DESTINY was filmed in November 2020 with a live audience, when the City Hall Concert Hall was temporarily opened. Conductor Christoph Poppen and cellist Aurélien Pascal made their way to Hong Kong from Munich and Paris respectively, when the two cities were still very much in limbo. They went through 14 days of hotel quarantine before the first rehearsal.

The film carries a message through its music, images, and dialogue: Per aspera ad astra – from the dust to the stars. Destiny need not be gloom. Having hope in the midst of uncertainty is one of the most powerful aspects of life, and particularly relevant during the global pandemic. This film made its première at “Life is Art 2021” film festival co-presented by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and MOViE MOViE in late August 2021.

All-Star Tiny Galaxy@Wontonmeen (2021)

“When Wontonmeen is filled with music, it becomes a tiny galaxy with bright stars.”

All-Star Tiny Galaxy@Wontonmeen is the special extended edition of the online chamber concert series “Tiny Galaxy Concerts@Wontonmeen”, featuring international stars performing at Wontonmeen, including Christoph Poppen, Aurélien Pascal, Adrien La Marca, Sergei Nakariakov and Perry So, who join our concertmaster James Cuddeford and star pianist Colleen Lee. This film made its première at “Life is Art 2021” film festival co-presented by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and MOViE MOViE in September 2021.

Vive la Musique! (2021)

“The way the musicians look at each other, the flow of emotions, the surge of energy…is electrifying.”

At the end of Back On Stage II (Quarantined!), is a bonus Beethoven Spring Sonata by Christoph Poppen (violin) and Alexander Krichel (piano). Surprisingly, this sonata, in the company of a piano concerto and a symphony, was equally well-received if not preferred! Encouraged by this, works for a smaller set-up, more commonly referred to as “chamber music” (music in a room), were filmed.

Vive la Musique! was recorded one day after Back On Stage III: DESTINY in November 2020, and it includes selection of luminous chamber works by Haydn, Debussy and Schumann. With multiple cameras capturing the intimate expressions of the musicians, Vive la Musique! promises a journey of mesmerising music for the ears and eyes. This film made its première at “Life is Art 2021” film festival co-presented by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and MOViE MOViE in September 2021.

Back On Stage II (Quarantined!) (2020)

Under the COVID-19 spell when the doors of the HK City Hall Concert Hall were still tightly shut for the audience, Hong Kong Sinfonietta recorded this concert one Saturday afternoon on 26 Sept 2020, with no fewer than eight cameras plus one jib, all equipped with the latest 4K technology.

This concert features two artists from Germany (Principal Guest Conductor Christoph Poppen and pianist Alexander Krichel) who stayed in a hotel room in Hong Kong for a full 14 days prior to their first rehearsal to satisfy the quarantine regulations (Click here to watch “My COVID Countdown Journal”). This film stands testament to Hong Kong Sinfonietta overcoming the difficulties of making music under the current situation, as they adapted to face masks and partitions – which have unfortunately become the new norm for orchestral performances. The concert film Back On Stage II (Quarantined!) made its première at the MOViE MOViE cinemas in late November 2020.

My COVID Countdown Journal – Christoph Poppen and Alexander Krichel (2020)

Despite the continued closure of Hong Kong City Hall to live audience, Principal Guest Conductor Christoph Poppen and pianist Alexander Krichel – the stars of our “Inspired by Beethoven Series: Rachmaninov Paganini Rhapsody” concert (26 Sep 2020), are following through with their plans to travel to Hong Kong for this engagement, which will now take the form of a live-recorded concert to be released in due course. Check out this video series to find out more about their extraordinary journey to Hong Kong, and what they get up to during their compulsory 14-day quarantine.

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Back On Stage (2020)

Despite its spells of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall opened its doors for Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s ground-breaking project, “Back On Stage” – a musical tribute of joy, love and healing to the people of Hong Kong. This live-recorded concert made its Exclusive Première on ViuTV in July 2020, and a Special Extended Version of the concert had also landed on the silver screen in a ground-breaking collaboration with the MOViE MOViE Pacific Place and Cityplaza cinemas in September and October 2020, providing an immersive concert experience like no other.

Project FLY (2020)

Meet “Project FLY” – an exciting online revival of local composer 伍卓賢 Ng Cheuk Yin’s cross-genre creation “Fly”, originally commissioned by Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2007. With the brilliant young Japanese drumming sensation Senri Kawaguchi joining as the soloist, the orchestra also welcomes the addition of several internationally renowned instrumentalists, including French flautist Juliette Hurel and violist Adrien La Marca, Spanish oboist Ramón Ortega Quero, and German bassoonist Matthias Racz. Under the baton of Music Director Emeritus Yip Wing-sie, this bold endeavour makes a spectacle that soars high above conventions and limitations.

Margaret Cheung’s Impossible Quest Take 2 (2020)

2 years ago, musical theatre actress Margaret Cheung was fired up and ready to take the conducting world by storm. Fast-forward to today: hit hard by unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic, many months have gone by where she has done nothing but binge-watch Korean drama… until a wake-up call suddenly arrives!


Beethoven 250 in Hong Kong (2020)

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, Hong Kong Sinfonietta has invited some artists and friends to share their thoughts on the monumental composer and his timeless works in this video series.

Principal Guest Conductor: Christoph Poppen

《FREUDE – Joy – 喜悅》


Music Director Emeritus: Yip Wing-sie

“My impression of Beethoven”


HKS Artist Associate 2018-2019: Leon Ko

“Who did Beethoven write this Moonlight sonata for?”


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“Staying close to our Artists” (2020)

While our concerts are being cancelled, we have invited our artists to check-in with us online!

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Hong Kong Sinfonietta in Japan & Taiwan (2019)

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Jörg Widmann: ad absurdum – Concerto for Trumpet & Small Orchestra (2002) (Hong Kong première) (16.2.2019)

Toshio Hosokawa: Blossoming II (2011) (Hong Kong Première) (13.10.2018)

Fazıl Say: Ballad for Alto Saxophone & Orchestra, Op 67 (2016) (Hong Kong première) (13.10.2018)

Michael Jarrell: Des Nuages et des Brouillards (2016) (Asian première) (22.9.2018)

Tongyeong Festival Orchestra Asia Tour 2018 (6-13.4.2018)

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HKS ArtisTree Residency: Notating Beauty That Moves (3-29.3.2018)

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HKS in Europe (18-29.7.2017)

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HKS in Poland: Beethoven Easter Festival (3-7.4.2017)

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HKS Début in Taiwan: Ethereal Is the Moon (19 & 20.11.2016)

19.11.2016: Taipei (click for concert details)
20.11.2016: Kaohsiung (click for concert details)


HKS Portugal Début – Marvão International Music Festival  (28-31.7.2016)

Maestro Poppen Heißen Sie? (2016)

From 123 to words related to music, learn German online from HKS Principal Guest Conductor Christoph Poppen in this video series.

HKS Singapore Début (2016)